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Wet, Wet and more Wet

With this being the first post of 2021 I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

This year has began with lots of planning for the farm & garden. The wet weather in January has held us back somewhat but yesterday we could get on and take all the dead and crossing branches out of the fruit trees. We will have some nice applewood logs for next year when they have dried out. I think they all look better for their haircut and will hopefully produce bigger apples, pears, plums and greengages this season for the farm shop. The greenhouse is now full of trays with my seeds in, none coming through yet though and lots more to set. My vegetable plot will be extended this month, if it ever dries up enough, and also some new beds will go in for the cutting flowers.

The chickens and turkeys don't seem too fed up with being under the DEFRA lockdown and are still laying plenty of eggs for the shop. At least they are nice and cosy in the warm barn.

The fields down at the bottom of the farm are permanently under water at present so all the livestock have been moved to better and drier grazing. With the nights drawing out now we should all feel better soon.


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