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I have often read lifestyle blogs and wondered where their inspiration comes from. I remember at school many of us kept a diary and wrote faithfully every day. We were all away from our families and would recorded the happenings during our school time and our private thoughts. Mine of course was always pretty much empty, apart from how many days there were to the end of term!

My name is Isobel Clarke (nee Beaty) and I have been married to Robert for 32 wonderful years. We live and work at Scotch Lodge Farm in Northamptonshire; have beef cattle, laying hens, herbs, a farmshop and a dog friendly cafe. With having lived on a farm all my life, it is definitely a lifestyle rather than a job; 7 days a week with many long hours. I would love to go out with Dad and learn the traditional ways from him and are still working to these values today

This section of my blog, "Sincerely Isobel" will bring you insights into the part of my life , past and present and all that is me.

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