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Who Do You Think You Are

I do find that who we are is a fascinating subject. When I was small ( and not so very small!! ) Mum and Dad would have parties. Uncles, Aunts, Great Uncles and Aunts and cousins would descend upon us in mass: with Dads family being the biggest. Mum would do the most fantastic buffets with everything you could think of and we all had a great time; laughing, joking and telling the most interesting stories. But who were all these people? They were" just Dads family" when I was small and then in recent years I found that a couple of my cousins were researching the family tree and I became hooked. The people we have in our past had the most interesting lives, just like all of our lives now. Records play the biggest part in finding out who our ancestors were and this in its own can be exceedingly frustrating. You can find yourself completely submerged in one person with nothing more to seemingly find.

We have, at the shop an Ancestry day four times a year and here we sit uninterrupted researching all day, save for the surprise words "oh my goodness" and "well, can you believe it" that every so often bring us all back from our own computers. If you wish to join our little group just phone the shop.

Myself I am stuck!! A very interesting lady, one of my 3rd Great Grandmothers who had a very hard life. I need to know more about her, to know where she came from, what her early years were like, what she looked like and the hardships she suffered.

We all take so much for granted in this present time with all our comforts and technologies yet we have to accept that there may have been untold misery in our past.

Well on to more researching..............

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